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The Different Types of Artist Palettes

Wooden art palette with blobs of paint

An artist palette is a handy tool for any painter to have. While we mostly think of the old, wooden palettes, there are actually several varieties out on the market. Here, we discuss the different types of artist palettes so you can choose the right one. Traditional wood If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…. Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Selling Prints of Your Artwork

collection of art prints on wall

No one can replicate the feeling of having an original piece of artwork. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to have original artwork, especially if the one piece we love is not available for sale. As an artist, you may have come across customers asking for prints of your artwork. You’ve debated the… Read more »

How to Paint Color Gradations

color gradation on blue sky

Color gradation is how you transition from one color to the next. Your painting is filled with color gradations. Some are sharp, with clear boundaries that delineate one object from another. Others, however, are smooth and subtle, building the color change gradually instead of all at once. The nature of your color gradations will depend… Read more »

Understanding Positive and Negative Space in Art

Handmade watercolor drawing of touristic boat

As you go further in your artistic journey, you will come across many methods, techniques, and terms. Among these are the concepts of positive and negative space. While they are relatively easy to understand, many beginner artists are unaware of these concepts. But understanding positive and negative space can strengthen your skills as an artist… Read more »

Landscape Painting Tips for Beginners

landscape painting of ocean and beach

Whether you’re capturing the beautiful fall foliage or a majestic mountain range, landscape painting is perfect for nature and art lovers. However, landscape painting requires different techniques and methods in order to properly capture nature’s beauty. Here we discuss some top tips for beginners trying their hand at landscape painting. Simplify Oftentimes, artists get caught… Read more »

Acrylic Painting Supplies: What Beginners Should Buy

box of artist paint

When beginners start painting with acrylics, they often rush to the store and buy the wrong supplies or too many supplies. However, as with anything, simple is always best. You don’t need to buy hundreds of art supplies to start your art career. In the beginning, you just need a few simple tools to get… Read more »

5 Painting Surfaces to Try (Other Than Canvas)

Painting on Wood

When learning to paint, you typically start on canvas or paper. But what if you wanted something out of the ordinary? As you advance your skills, you can start experimenting with differing surfaces, including wood, metal, glass, and even books. Read on to learn more: Wood Whether it’s an old dresser or part of a… Read more »

How to Use the Wet-on-Wet Painting Technique

How to Use the Wet-on-Wet Painting Technique

First developed during the early 16th century and used later by the Impressionists, the wet-on-wet painting technique is being adopted by more and more artists. But what exactly is wet-on-wet? And how do you apply it to your next painting? Read on to learn more. What is wet-on-wet? Wet-on-wet is exactly as it sounds. It’s… Read more »

How to Use a Reference Photo

How to Use a Reference Photo

Many artists draw their inspiration from the world around them. They rely on models, the great outdoors, and their own imagination. They also rely on reference photos. Reference photos are particularly helpful when you’re drawing from your imagination or don’t have any real-life references to draw from in your area. Below we explain the best… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Art Medium for You

How to Choose the Right Art Medium for You

An art medium refers to the different materials or tools that an artist uses to create a work of art. Watercolor, pen & ink, and clay are all different kinds of artistic mediums. It’s always great to dabble in as many art forms as possible, but some artists prefer to stick to just a few… Read more »