The Pros and Cons of Selling Prints of Your Artwork

No one can replicate the feeling of having an original piece of artwork. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to have original artwork, especially if the one piece we love is not available for sale. As an artist, you may have come across customers asking for prints of your artwork. You’ve debated the value of prints, but still aren’t sure if it’s worth it. That’s why we put together a list of pros and cons for selling prints of your artwork.

Pros of Selling Printscollection of art prints on wall

  • Prints allow your fans and customers to purchase a copy of their favorite artwork at a more affordable price.
  • They are flexible and versatile. You can make them in a variety of types, materials, and sizes depending on your customers’ wants and needs.
  • Prints are scalable, meaning the more you sell the more profitable prints become. You can also control how many you sell. Meanwhile, an original artwork can only be sold once.
  • They can help you earn money without taking up much time.

Cons of Selling Prints

  • Prints can diminish the value of your original works.
  • Prints won’t earn you much if you only produce a few—they must be sold at higher volumes in order to make a profit.
  • The up-front costs of getting all the equipment can be too high for some artists.
  • Invariably you might pick the wrong paintings to make prints of. As a result, you’ve spent money on something that won’t sell.

Whether or not you plan to sell prints, Creative Ventures Gallery can help you take the next steps in your artistic journey. Look through our list of classes & workshops to get started!