Do you know Nuno? Join textile artist Lyn Falcone of Mosaic Fiber Arts on September 11 starting at 10am, to learn about felting and nuno felting in this free interactive demonstration.  You’ll discover the history of nuno felt, the tools and materials of the trade, and how a nuno felted fabric is made from start to finish. You will have the opportunity to create or view the creation of a nuno felted 2D sample. If you want to go further with this, join her in her workshop on September 25th where students will learn how to wet felt, Nuno felt and needle felt.

October 9th starting at 6pm, Loretta Hubley will be speaking.



There will be light refreshments and the talk is free to the public and will be a great opportunity to hear about these artists. For information call 603 672-2500.