The Different Types of Artist Palettes

An artist palette is a handy tool for any painter to have. While we mostly think of the old, wooden palettes, there are actually several varieties out on the market. Here, we discuss the different types of artist palettes so you can choose the right one.

Traditional woodWooden art palette with blobs of paint

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Traditional wooden artist palettes have been used for centuries, and for good reason! Simple to use and easy to wash, they allow you to easily mix colors. So long as you don’t mind holding your palette as you paint, you can’t go wrong with this type of palette.


Typically made out of paper, disposable palettes are a one-and-done type of palette. This makes it very easy to clean up, but it does mean you’ll have to continually replace your palettes over time. Additionally, disposable palettes are not completely flat, which could be an issue if you’re using a palette knife.


Glass palettes are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst artists. They’re remarkably easy to clean—all you need is a razor to scrape the paint away. However, these palettes will break if you drop them, so be careful with them.

Stay wet

These types of palettes are best used for acrylic painting, as they help keep your paint wetter for longer. However, we don’t recommend them for oil painting.


Plastic palettes can be flimsy, but they’re extremely affordable. As such, they may be a good option for beginners who may not want to spend too much money yet.

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