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What Types of Natural Hairs Are Used for Paint Brushes?

Brushes in a glass jar

There are a wide variety of paint brushes on the market. The type you choose will have a huge impact on how your painting turns out. As such, every factor must be considered. When choosing a paint brush, many artists examine the type of hairs it has. Below, we cover the different types of natural… Read more »

Understanding the Foreground, Middle Ground, and Background

painting of a forest

As a budding artist, you’ve likely heard people talk about the foreground, middle ground, and background of a painting. But what, exactly, do they mean by this? Here, we break down the meanings so that you can use them to your advantage as you begin your artistic career. Foreground The foreground refers to the area… Read more »

What Is Mark Making?

Woman artist is drawing on canvas with brush

Every time you set down your pencil or paint brush, you make a mark on the canvas. Even the simplest marks can help convey the movement, emotion, and theme of your artwork. Understanding mark making, then, and how it can impact your work is crucial to becoming an artist. Here, we explain everything you need… Read more »

Our Top 2 Tips for Landscape Painting

Painting of landscape

Landscape painting is a beautiful type of art. Many artists that see a magnificent view understandably want to get it down on their canvas. However, landscape painting can be more difficult than it seems. Here, we provide our top 3 tips to help you with landscape painting: Keep it simple Many beginner artists get lost… Read more »

Shape vs. Form

soccer ball sketch

As you learn to draw or paint, you will soon be introduced to many concepts. One of these concepts is understanding the difference between shape and form. Most beginner artists assume they are the same thing, and while they are related, they are nevertheless different. Here, we discuss the differences between shape and form to… Read more »

What Is Foreshortening?

Vanishing Point is a drawing to which parallel lines appear to converge, it is a point at which receding parallel lines viewed in perspective appear to converge, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration.

As you begin your artistic career, there will be many methods and techniques you will have to master. One of those techniques is foreshortening. Foreshortening is something you will use in every artistic piece, from simple drawings to watercolor paintings. Here, we discuss everything you need to know about foreshortening. What is foreshortening? Foreshortening is… Read more »

How to Critique Your Own Artwork

woman painting artwork on a canvas

Every artist is their own worst critic. However, we can also be blind to our own faults. Critiquing our own artwork is difficult due to our own inherent biases and judgments. But it’s not impossible. Learning how to look at your work critically but compassionately can help you grow as an artist. Here’s how to… Read more »

How to Price Your Artwork

Original oil painting of beautiful golden sunset over ocean beach on canvas.Modern Impressionism, modernism,marinism

When you finish a piece of artwork, you may be tempted to sell it. Doing so will not only put a little extra money in your pocket, but it will also share your artwork with the world. But, how exactly do you price your artwork? What will seem reasonable to the buyer while also providing… Read more »

The Different Types of Color Contrast

color wheel vector illustration

Color contrast is an essential tool when painting. It creates a striking image on the canvas, delineating between two distinct elements. With proper use, you can use color contrast to focus attention on a key element or feature stunning colors. However, color contrast is more complicated than simply placing two contrasting colors next to one… Read more »

How to Name Your Painting

Landscape with houses, watercolor illustration

Every great piece of artwork has a name, so it’s only right that you name your own pieces as well! However, this can be a daunting task for some artists. After all, how do you name something you’ve poured your heart and soul into? It needs to be perfect to reflect the work you’ve put… Read more »