How Art Therapy Can Benefit Seniors

Art therapy can help anyone, no matter their age or situation. Children, for instance, can improve their critical thinking skills, and adults can use art to improve their mental health. Seniors can also benefit from art therapy, as recent studies have shown that seniors who participate in artistic activities are less depressed and have fewer doctors’ visits. Here’s how:

Cognitive functions and intellectual stimulation How Art Therapy Can Benefit Seniors

Art is a creative activity the involves using different parts of our brains. By stimulating brain activity, then, it can keep our minds sharp. Some studies have even found that art therapy can slow the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Motor skills

Art is found to improve motor skills in children, and that’s also the case for seniors. It forces you to use your hands as you focus on a single task. The low-impact physical activities can improve coordination and increase blood flow in your joints, hands, wrists, and fingers. As such, it can also help alleviate pain brought on by arthritis.

Communication skills

Art is a form of expression, and as a result, it can help seniors communicate emotions or thoughts that they may not able to form into words. Additionally, an art class can be especially helpful as it gives seniors a chance to meet and talk with others, alleviating feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Mental health

As we said before, art is proven to help those suffering from mental health issues, no matter their age. Many seniors struggle with depression and anxiety disorders. In fact, 15% of adults over the age of 60 suffer from a mental disorder. Art therapy may not be a sole cure, but it can certainly help ease symptoms, and, in conjunction with other forms of therapy, it can lead to a happier lifestyle.

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