Why Art Is Important to Childhood Development

In recent years, schools have been promoting the STEM subjects more and more. While math and science are certainly important, so, too, is art. Art is a form of expression, a way for children to communicate their ideas and to understand the world in a better light. It is also crucial for childhood development, teaching important skills that will help our children for years to come.

Communication skillsWhy Art Is Important to Childhood Development

Art provides children an opportunity to learn about the world around them. In that respect, it also helps them to communicate their ideas about that world. While forming sentences and phrases may still be difficult, they can instead use colors, shapes, and actions to communicate their wants and needs. It also helps them to learn how to express feelings that may be difficult to communicate through verbal language.

Critical thinking skills

When creating a piece of artwork, multiple decisions must be made. Even if it’s something as simple as stick figures, you still have to decide where the stick figures are, what they’re doing, how big they are, and more. These decisions help to improve our critical thinking skills, which in turn helps to improve our creativity.

Inventiveness and problem solving

With art comes innovation, encouraging children to think outside of the box and to look at situations in a different light. By enhancing their creativity, art can teach children how to solve problems in unique, and previously unthought of, ways.

Fine motor skills

Art can change the way we think, but it can also change the way we do. More specifically, by frequently using pencils, scissors, paintbrushes, and other artistic tools, children can learn better ways to control their hands and develop their find motor skills.

Teaching art to our children is just as important as any other subject or skill they learn. That’s why we at Creative Ventures Gallery provide painting and drawing classes just for kids. Give us a call at 603-672-2500 to learn more.