Watercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

Watercolor painting can seem like daunting work, especially for beginners. While playful, watercolors can also be hard to control and unforgivable with mistakes, two things that don’t mix well with beginners. However, there are ways to master this tricky medium.

In the past, we’ve taught you some acrylic painting tips. So now, here are some watercolor painting tips to get you started on improving your artwork.

Use the right materialsWatercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

Using the right materials will go a long way in improving your watercolor artwork. For instance, you should be using only watercolor paper, as this paper is made specifically for watercolors so that it absorbs moisture in the right ways. You should also focus on your brushes. You don’t need a huge assortment, but you should have some of the basics—a small, medium, and large round brush, a mop brush, and a flat brush.

Paint light colors first, then dark

Because watercolors are unforgiving to mistakes, you’ll want to work backwards. That is, you should paint your light colors first, and then your dark. This is because dark colors are harder to correct than light. Another reason is because due to the transparency of watercolors, light colors won’t show when painted over dark colors.

Don’t add too much water, or too little

Yes, these are watercolors, but that doesn’t mean your paint should be overloaded with water. You also don’t want to deprive your paints of color. What you want is a happy medium of water and paint. There’s no clear-cut way to doing this, as you’ll want different ratios of water and paint for each color, so the best way is through experimentation. Keep some scrap paper around and then, after mixing the water and paint, test out the color before adding it to your canvas.

Use the side of your brush

Due to the abrasiveness of watercolor paper, constantly using the tip of your brush could ruin your brush over time. So, in order to better preserve your brushes, paint with the side of your brush instead of the tip.

Mastering watercolors can be difficult, especially if you’re working on your own. If you find you’re practicing these tips, but still not finding results, then it may be time to sign up for a watercolor painting class. At Creative Ventures Gallery, we offer several watercolor painting classes. Sign up today or give us a call at 603-672-2500 for more information.