Mike Brazao headshotEver since I can first remember, I have always been fascinated by drawing. I can clearly remember the moment that I transitioned from naïve, childlike drawings into realistic drawings. It was then that I started pursuing my dream of depicting reality on a sheet of paper. When I lived in Belgium, I developed a deep admiration of the Dutch Masters. My initial subjects were people and dogs. I tried to bring both to life in the mesmerizing style of those painters from Flanders. Many of us take great comfort in the companionship of our canine friends. Their unconditional love and capturing them with discipline of Dutch realism is a shield against the unpredictability and chaos of the outside world.


Mike Brazao was born in Portugal, but spent his early years in China, Rome, Madrid, Brussels and Dublin. He lived at boarding school in Ireland for much of his youth. It was there that he first studied art under several teachers, including well-known Irish artist, Patrick Hennessey.After graduating from Trinity College in Dublin, he served in the Portuguese navy. Mike currently resides in New Hampshire with his wife Anne and their beloved dogs. Exposed to some of the world’s greatest art during his formative years, Mike developed a love for art at a young age. Mike painted in oils for many years, producing still life paintings and portraits, and attended workshops conducted by artist Casey Baugh, and Ann Kullberg in color pencil. He combines his love of these two media with his passion for dogs and portraiture.