Art has always been a part of my life.  From early childhood on I was drawing in my notebooks and studying book illustrations.  Though the “Art Room” was a second home through high school, my capabilities were greatly expanded as I earned a Studio Art degree at the University of New Hampshire in 1979.

Since then I have continued creating art in various media while working in various computer graphic arts in several drafting and technical publication positions.  I have only recently decided to try art as a full time position.

I have been active at times with the Keyes Art Group, Nashua Area Art Association and the New Hampshire Artists Association.  I have won awards for both my pen and ink artwork, with or without watercolor highlights, and pure watercolors. Pencil, pastel, or heavier forms of painting such as acrylic or oil remain options.

Historically my favorite subjects have been nature settings, whether landscapes, wildlife and pet portraits, or floral settings.  Recently, I have concentrated on seascapes, mostly of New Hampshire’s short coast and Plum Island.  Many of these paintings should look familiar to local residents and strike a universal appeal to visitors to this region.

To me, art is the challenge to combine light and subject matter to express a mood, or capture a moment in time.  I strive to create works of art that are unique and desirable.  The challenges are endless.