Basic Oil Painting with Betty Glass


Instructor: Betty Glass

Dates: Thursdays, June 1-29

Time: 12:30-3pm

Age: Adult

Cost for June (5 classes): $145 ****change quantity to 5 when registering

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Tonal Painting in oil and more……The class will begin with a demo of ‘toning the canvas’ to achieve values, which are the basis of a successful painting. From there, you will begin a painting of your choice from reference photos, or a still life that we set up together or I will set it up weekly. I’ll discuss the elements and principles of good composition with emphasis on perspective, shading, textures, and color mixing. I use water-mixable oils but regular oils are fine too.

It would be helpful to bring the following: a palette knife, canvas or canvas cloth (no larger than 9 x 12 to start), paper towels, brushes of choice, sketchpad and pencil and paints. If you want to start small, red, yellow, and blue are primary (I use rose madder, ultramarine blue, and Indian Yellow) and you will need white. Indigo is my black. Beginners as well as experienced painters are welcome.

A more extensive list is here:

Ultramarine blue

Alizarin Crimson

Yellow ochre

Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna

Indigo blue

Viridian Green

Titanium white

Cadmium Yellow Medium


#0 liner

#6, #10 round

#8, #12 Brite

1/2″ flat


Palette knife (for mixing)


Paper towels (Viva)


Container for water or solvent

Photo landscapes

Canvas or canvas paper (no larger than 9 x12 to start)

Towel or rag (optional)



My Motto……”Invest in oil, buy a painting”


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