Payment policy

As of May 1, 2022, adult classes will be $12.50 per hour. Class payments are expected on or before the first class of each month. No refunds for no-shows unless we have received notification. If you need help to pay for something listed on the website, call the gallery at 603 672-2500.

Refund Policy

If a class is canceled by the instructor, any prepayment will be applied to the next class. If a student misses a class, the class must be made up within one month of the missed class. Make ups will not be carried over longer than that. The method of makeup is at the discretion of the individual teacher. Many teachers teach more than one class per week so you would e able  to attend another session  of the  same class. Otherwise, prepayment for that class meeting will be forfeited. Please advise us at 672-2500 or contact your teacher if you will not be attending class. This will ensure the holding over of your prepayment. When a teacher takes a planned summer away from teaching, all prepaid classes need to used up before the teacher leaves. They will not be held over the summer months.