Our Top 2 Tips for Landscape Painting

Landscape painting is a beautiful type of art. Many artists that see a magnificent view understandably want to get it down on their canvas. However, landscape painting can be more difficult than it seems. Here, we provide our top 3 tips to help you with landscape painting:

Keep it simple

Many beginner artists get lost in the tiny details of a landscape. While details are certainly important, try not to get lost in them. It is much better to emphasize particular areas of your painting instead of getting every little detail right. You can then leave the rest to the imagination of the viewer.

Embrace imperfection

Nothing is perfect. Learning to embrace imperfections can make you less self-critical, which in turn can make you a better artist. This is especially true for landscape paintings. Many beginners want to paint a scene exactly as they see it. When they can’t replicate it exactly, they quickly discouraged. However, there’s nothing wrong with some creative license. Your landscape painting does not have to match the landscape you see exactly. Learn to be ok with imperfections in your work—after all, you’re only human.

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