Lynda Abbot CZT is a native NH “artist in denial”, with a long career as a nurse specialist. She discovered Zentangle at the not-so-gentle persuasion of her award-winning artist sister 7 years ago. This method of art immediately captivated her as a means to de-stress, relax, focus, re-focus, and still produce some satisfying art that was shared with family, friends, co-workers, social media groups and multiple strangers to help them seek the window of opportunity to breathe, calm the stress of the world and appreciate. This, she discovered, is just another way to heal others. Certified as a CZT – Certified Zentangle Teacher – in 2020 she has been teaching virtually and in-person workshops locally, as well as offering videos and “social hours” via Facebook and Zoom, specializing in Zentangle Art, incorporating Zentangle patterns into unique and creative projects that anyone can create and be proud of.