Eye Catching by Barbara MorseBy isolating a portion of a scene, an object, or a person; developing a mood, and avoiding elements of realism; I create my image in Sharp Focus.  Light and texture is to be as much the subject as the objects themselves, while a fragmented view should provoke thoughts of the whole.  The ordinary should become the unexpected when viewed from an unusual setting or perspective.   Stimulating the viewer’s thought process to extend beyond the natural order of things should suggest a range of emotions from humor to hope, thus allowing the work to transform to the level of fine art.

Working in graphite and sometimes adding a hint of color to attract attention to an area enhancing the entire image, no matter the level of labor intensity, I find joy and satisfaction watching a piece come to life before me.  My reward, though, is not having the viewer see the work through my eyes, but their own; creating a personal and long-lasting image to be timelessly viewed and shared.

As an artist this is what I challenge myself with on every new piece of work.

Barbara Morse

Editor’s Note – – Barbara passed away a few months ago and a Memorial Scholarship fund was established for high school students going on to study art in college. You can find the info here – https://www.creativeventuresfineart.com/barbara-morse-memorial-scholarship/