How to Price Your Artwork

When you finish a piece of artwork, you may be tempted to sell it. Doing so will not only put a little extra money in your pocket, but it will also share your artwork with the world. But, how exactly do you price your artwork? What will seem reasonable to the buyer while also providing you with the money you deserve for all your hard work? Read on to learn more:

Factor in the cost of materials

Every type of artwork will require tools, paint, and other materials. When figuring out the price of your artwork, you should consider how much money you spent to make that artwork a reality. Your artwork should allow you to break-even or even earn a profit.

Look at what other artists are selling for

Take a look around the local market. What are other artists selling their artwork for? You should look at similar pieces of artwork and artists with a similar reputation as yours to get a better idea for what you should price yours at.

Consider your reputation

Is this the first painting you’re selling? Are you just starting to get into the world of art? If so, then you likely don’t have the same reputation as artists that have been selling their work for years. Well-known, local artists can sell their work at a higher price because they have a bigger reputation. However, if you’re just starting out, you may want to be conservative with your prices as customers will not be as willing to shell out cash.

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