Here at Creative Ventures Gallery, we believe that art enriches all lives. This is true for professional artists as well as aspiring ones. We make this happen by providing art classes, lectures, workshops, and art exhibitions for all talented, local artists the Nashua, NH area.

Art Classes
Our art classes are a chance for us to share our knowledge and passion for the arts with students from across the area. The topics can range from the basics of drawing to the fundamentals of sculpture making. Taught by some of the most passionate and talented artists in Nashua, we believe that both children and adults will gain something from attending our classes.

Art Workshops
Art classes are meant to teach you the basics; art workshops, on the other hand, is about learning a particular method or technique. We include workshops on painting and drawing, as well as non-traditional forms of art such as quilling or felting. We also provide workshops to help your artistic career, such as those on building a portfolio.

Summer Art Camps
Instilling the love of art in our children at a young age can help them immensely down the road. That’s why we provide summer art camps specifically for kids in the Nashua, NH area. These camps last for a few hours each day, and they’re taught by some of the best artists in the area.

At Creative Ventures Gallery, our goal is to provide all aspiring artists with the tools and resources that they need to flourish. If you’re interested in any of our classes, workshops, or camps, then contact us today either online or by phone at 603-672-2500.