From professional to aspiring artists, we at Creative Ventures Gallery want to provide everyone the opportunity to share and develop their artistic work. By combining studio, gallery, and classroom space under one roof, we are able to just that. We have art classes, workshops, and camps available to artists of all skills and ages to best help them learn and grow.
Art Classes
With a wide variety of classes available, we at Creative Ventures Gallery believe that our art classes have much to offer to any aspiring artist. You can learn the basics of sketching, or you can handle something more advanced such as watercolor or pastel painting. Our classes are taught by many talented teachers, all of whom are professional artists from around the Hollis area, and they’re available to all ages and skill levels.
Art Workshops
Our art workshops are taught by a group of professional artists and art teachers in order to provide you with the best possible experience and knowledge base. Lasting only a few hours, our workshops can cover a variety of topics from quilling to Plein Air Painting. They will help you dive deep into a specific artist method to further refine your artistic talents.
Summer Art Camps
When our children leave school for the summer, we want to make sure that they’re still learning and growing without their studies. At the summer art camps here at Creative Ventures Gallery, your child will be able to explore a wide variety of different art-related activities. This will give them the chance to explore different hobbies and interests, will also providing some structure to their days.
At Creative Ventures Gallery, our goal is to provide all aspiring artists with the tools and resources that they need to flourish. If you’re interested in any of our classes, workshops, or camps, then contact us today either online or by phone at 603-672-2500.