We at Creative Ventures Gallery are committed to sharing art with everyone in the Wilton, NH area, whether it be through our classes, our workshops, or our own artistic work. We combine studio, gallery, and classroom space into one, allowing all types of people to understand and appreciate the art that they or someone else has created. From oil painting to mixed media, we touch upon all types of artistic mediums.
Art Classes
If you attend one of the art classes taught at Creative Ventures Gallery, we can assure you that you will walk away from it a different person. Taught by some of the most talented artists in the Wilton, NH area, you will learn the basics of various artistic mediums, giving you the building blocks necessary to start your own artistic career. We have classes suited for children, teens, and adults, meaning that anyone, no matter their age, can learn the fundamentals of art.
Art Workshops
At our art workshops, you’ll have the chance to work alongside talented artists as you learn various artistic methods and concepts. From understanding depth and atmosphere in a piece of artwork to building your own art portfolio, our workshops will help you branch out into different avenues of art. With our workshops you can dive deeper into different artistic methods and mediums.
Summer Art Camps
The summer art camps available at Creative Ventures Gallery allows children in the Wilton, NH area to enjoy art-related activities during their time off from school. Your kids will be able to explore all types of art, from printmaking to painting, that may help build the foundations of a lasting artistic career.
At Creative Ventures Gallery, our goal is to provide all aspiring artists with the tools and resources that they need to flourish. If you’re interested in any of our classes, workshops, or camps, then contact us today either online or by phone at 603-672-2500.