Whether it be painting, sculpting, drawing, or quilting, art can transform the way that we see the world. That’s why we at Creative Ventures Gallery work to support all artists, professional or aspiring, across the Bedford, NH area. Our location combines studio, gallery, and classroom into one, so that you have the support you need for your artistic career.
Art Classes
Art classes sponsored by Creative Ventures Gallery will provide students of all ages the chance to learn the basics of any form of art. Every student will be able to work at his or her own pace, and each will receive individual attention from their teacher. All of our teachers are passionate and talented artists in their own right, and we believe that every one of our students will learn much from them.
Art Workshops
Our art workshops are focused on the fundamentals—teaching students how to use different techniques and methods that are found across the art world. From Plein Air Painting to developing your portfolio, we provide a wide variety of workshops to help you better develop your artistic career.
When our children are off for the summer, we don’t want them lying around in front of the television the entire time. That’s why we provide our Summer Art Camps that both you and your child can attend. Whether it be painting, drawing, or even printmaking, you and your child will learn the basics of a variety of different art forms.
At Creative Ventures Gallery, our goal is to provide all aspiring artists with the tools and resources that they need to flourish. If you’re interested in any of our classes, workshops, or camps, then contact us today either online or by phone at 603-672-2500.