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 Eileen Belanger

Eileen photoEileen has gained increasing recognition for her original, detailed paintings and murals of New England scenes by her love of nature and her surroundings.

Her acrylic paintings may include scenes from life in New Hampshire, visits to Cape Cod and the Islands or abroad. Other times it is the subject matter that stirs her creativity. She is fascinated by dramatic contrasts between light and shadow and hopes to achieve a welcoming depth and balance to her compositions.

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Eileen’s work

Elizabeth Craumer

Current Artist At Creative Ventures Gallery - Elizabeth CraumerElizabeth (Betsy) is a landscape artist who enjoys the delightful colors of pastels. Betsy’s passion for art began as a teenager when she first discovered the magic of pastel. Later as an art student at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, her skills were honed in other media as well, but it was not until her children became teenagers that she once again returned to the medium she so loved as a young woman.

She works to highlight the wonderful ability of New Englanders to coexist with nature. Marshes, streams, fields, barns and forests are all likely subjects among others. As an artist, she is intrigued with the similarity in the way the sun’s rays cast their glow on both man-made objects and elements in the natural world alike. Her work can be found all over NH as well as on the Cape. She enjoys teaching and sharing her painterly style among others.

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Alberta Geyer

Alberta grew up in Huntington, NY on Long Island.  Drawn to art since childhood, it was while in high school that the desire to paint in oils crystallized in her heart and soul.  At a time when abstract modernism dominated the art world it was the breadth and beauty of the representational masters of old that spoke to her.

Alberta attended the Stevenson Academy of Painting on LI which was started by a colleague of Andrew Wyeth.  It was there that she encountered “academic” training for the first time.  She also studied with Everett Molinari, past president National Society of Mural Painters and instructor at the Salmagundi Club, NYC. Subsequently, she began studying in the studio of Gregg Kreutz, an instructor at the Art Students League, NYC. Through her time with him was brief, its impact was enduring, as it introduced Alberta to the concept of chiaroscuro that continues to inform her work today.

After moving to NH in 1995, Alberta enrolled at the Ingbretson Studio in Manchester, a private atelier focusing on academic training and the style of “The Boston School” of painting. Her four years there were invaluable in the development of her artistic voice, and she continues to aspire to the ideals of truth and beauty that she found there.

Ms. Geyer is a member of the prestigious Guild of Boston Artist. She is a Fellow member of the American Artists Professional League based in NYC; a member of the Academic Artists Association of Springfield, MA, and a member of the Oil Painters of America. Her work has been accepted into numerous national juried shows and she has won many awards. In 2010 her painting “Tang Dynasty Steed” won the American Artist magazine cover competition and was on the July/August cover.

“My only desire in painting is to create something beautiful and hopefully sometimes I succeed.”

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Karen Francis

Karen Francis headshotKaren Francis earned her BFA from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly Massachusetts, where she studied with renowned American artist and educator George Gabin.  She moved to New York City and attended The New York Academy of Art where she received her MFA in Painting.  Her work is held in private collections and corporations.

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Karen’s work


Emily Johnson

Emily photoEmily Johnson is a native of New England. She was raised in a God loving home surrounded by four generations of family. Her childhood years were filled with an exposure to the colorful history of New England. Emily started painting at an early age and has always had an ambition to become an artist.

Emily graduated from the Hertzfeld School of Art in Wiesbaden, Germany. She also studied at Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts and with Evoyne Prince of England. Much of her advanced technical training and painting experience was received during the years she lived and traveled in Europe.

Emily’s God given talent plus her study of painting techniques of the European Masters has developed her exceptional painting skills. She applies this unique blending of talents when she paints real New England scenes in watercolor. Her deep love of New England comes alive in her watercolor paintings of the true natural beauty of New England. She travels throughout New England searching out locations for her distinctive paintings and often has a bit of folklore to tell about each piece.

Throughout the last 40 years Emily has exhibited and sold her works of art in Germany, Spain, Florida, The Mid-West, South-West, and North-East USA. She now has her studio located in Nashua, New Hampshire close to her family and the area she loves so much.

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Alex Haas

Alex - headshot

Alex Haas, born in New Hampshire in 1988, is a fine artist whose main forms of expression are printmaking and illustration. As a child Alex’s enthusiasm for art pushed him towards his undergraduate studies at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. He studied printmaking there under professor Oscar J. Gillespie and received his Bachelor’s degree in 2010. After schooling, Alex began to travel, seeking out new modes of experience. During this period he worked with the Nashua Area Artists Association, Southern Graphics Council, Heuser Art Center, and individual artist’s like Heather Brammeier and Kayley Peak.

In 2014 Alex moved to Keelung, Taiwan and spent a year there teaching and working on adding new influence to his work. On June 27th 2015 Alex suffered from severe burns on over 90% of his body. He and roughly 500 other victims were affected by a terrible dust explosion and displaced from their lives in order to recover. Alex and many others made incredible recoveries thanks to the hard working medical staff and the thoughts and prayers of their friends and families.

After he was recovered enough from his injuries, Alex returned to the US for his aftercare. He currently uses his work to explore the world through his memories. Often depicting imagery of clouds, mountains, and forests, Alex’s work pieces together the different places he’s been during his travels and forms them into harmonious landscapes. Having been in an induced coma and under anesthesia for over 10 procedures, the artist has wondered about his own memory; expressing, in his art, how time has distorted the way he remembers his environment and how he views objects in their natural state.

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Sandra Kavanaugh

Tim Loraditch

Tim - Look rightTim Loraditch graduated in 1984 from Clark University’s School of the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester MA. where he studied painting and sculpture. Later he studied painting at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and graduated with BFA in 2012. Currently, Tim is completing an MA in American History at Southern New Hampshire University, comparing the developments of American and Native American art from early European contact to present.  Tim exhibits his paintings and drawings frequently in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
Artist Statement
If I were an absolute monarch, like Louis the 14th of France, I would make everyone hike out into the New Hampshire woods.  Especially in winter!  Winter is when the woods are the most beautiful, and most people rarely see it.  Unfortunately, absolute monarchs are not very popular these days, so it seems the closest I will get, is to come back and paint it. Then I can get people to come to the gallery and see what I saw.  This seems a more reasonable plan to most people.
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 Mudworks Pottery 

Pam headshotI use clay, paper, watercolor, colored silk, stone, beads, and found objects to express the sacredness inspired by working in the natural world around me. From its depths, its rhythms, its movement I create patterns and textures. The colors inspire my glaze surfaces. Nature’s movement inspire my forms. Sometimes I make round forms totally enclosed and as they start to dry and shrink one can observe a slight pregnant rounding of the shape. At that point I will open the form which now has the pregnant roundness forever mapped into the vessel. The interaction of clay and me is visible in every piece I make. Each step invites me to let go and also to push the piece as far as it will go. However the piece evolves, there is always an element of surrender  necessary in order to fully bring each piece to life.

Pam’s Creations


 Glass Expressions


She began her creative craft twenty years ago. She also loves being a hair stylist in  her own shop in southern New Hampshire. Her artistic abilities have progressed immensely during this time frame. Pam possesses a definite love for this specific art form and her creations reflect a conscientious attention to details.  These characteristics are portrayed in her constantly changing designs in stunning pieces.



Pam’s Creations