About Us

Since July 2015, Creative Ventures Gallery has existed to provide working space and visibility for professional local artists. Our goal is to combine studio, gallery and classroom space all under one roof. Oil, alcohol ink, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel are among the mediums represented. The gallery serves the Greater Nashua area and is open to the public, providing a relaxing environment that allows the visiting public to observe and to interact with the resident working artists.

By September 2017, we relocated to our new space at 411 Nashua Street in Milford, just one and a half miles from our old location where we will enjoy larger studio spaces and larger classrooms with handicapped accessibility.

Studio space will be allocated based on room size and space requirements of each artist.  Rental costs are determined accordingly, i.e., the larger the space, the higher the rent. Artist may use the wall space in his/her studio space to hang artwork. Studio artists are expected to participate in special events whenever possible.

To provide an adequate level of variety in our presentation, artwork by other artists may be accepted on consignment to cover some of the common areas in the building subject to a 25% charge on sales. The official gallery is confined to a small room where we will have rotating exhibits of CVG artists and consigned artists. The gallery will change out every two months, and we expect artists to post to the Creative Ventures Facebook page when the changeout occurs and share to their personal page as well as their personal websites.

We have initiated our First Friday of the Month Art Talk Series.  This is a free event and is open to the public. The intent is to inspire creativity in all of us. Check Creative Ventures Gallery every month to see what we are doing. Please let us know if there is something that you would like to have a speaker investigate.

For additional information, please visit or contact us through the website or by phone.