In July of 2015, Creative Ventures Gallery was born. Creative Ventures exists to provide working space and to create visibility for talented local artists who gathered together with the common goal of getting more stable exposure to the public. The studio/gallery is open to the public and provides a relaxing environment, allowing the public to interact with the artists. The artists work independently but come together to share ideas for our united cause. On any given day several artists can be found working in their studio spaces. This creates a wonderful pleasant, creative environment.

Our location combines studio, gallery and classroom space all under one roof. At any one time the art represented may include oils, alcohol inks, watercolor, pastels or other works on paper. We also offer sculptural ceramics and stained glass to the public. Our gallery space is part of each artist’s studio space. Some are paintings come right off the easel so are in the process of drying. We have something for everyone from wonderful gallery for those purchasing art, to classes for learning from the beginner to advanced artists. Some in-house artists offer art classes and workshops. We have rounded out the class offerings with outside artists who come in to teach. Visit our Classes page for the listing.

Contact us for more information – creativeventures@comcast.net