Paul Ducret headshotPaul Ducret is a New Hampshire based portrait artist and figurative sculptor with more than 25 years of experience. Lifelike replicas of people and wildlife are his specialty. He creates custom sculpted and cast portrait busts, figures as well as mixed media drawings. Regardless of the subject, Paul always emphasizes the personality and emotion of the individual using the eyes, facial expression, and position of the characters he creates.

Paul’s interest in figurative art began after visiting natural history museums at a young age. The life-size dinosaur and animal models as well as the wax museum figures captured his imagination. He developed a passion for drawing and sculpture as a child and in his late teens he took on professional work creating masks, props, and special effects as a freelance artist for haunted attractions, film, and theatrical productions.

As his ability to sculpt realistic anatomy developed, he discovered ways his work could make a difference in people’s lives. As a result, he embarked on a career in the prosthetics industry. For the past two decades, Paul has designed and created a diverse array of prosthetic appliances for hundreds of patients. Everything from artificial limbs, silicone hands, ears, and facial restorations to dental prosthetics. Paul’s experience in prosthetic and dental laboratories has greatly enhanced his technical skills as an artist and sculptor. He has mastered many fabrications, mold-making, and casting techniques and has worked with the state of the art materials.

Paul is a member of the Manchester Artists Association and was selected MAA Artist of the Year in 2013. He oversees select exhibits in the Manchester area and has served as a judge on The Scholarship Fund committee.  He has done portrait sculpture demonstrations for seminars and panels. Paul taught a portrait sculpture course at E W Poore Studio in Manchester NH and workshops at Creative Ventures Gallery in Milford. In addition to private commissions, Paul also has done freelance sculpture projects. Some of his art has been exhibited in galleries and shows in New Hampshire and Maine.