Michelle has always been the creative type. She graduated from UNH with a BA in studio Art. She focused on drawing and sculpture.

She continued her Education at Franklin Pierce College receiving Her certification in Art Education. She taught for many years at E.W. Poore’s framing and Studio. Her classes were Painting and Drawing for adults, Mixed Media and Art class for children.

She also worked at Crispin House After School program. She was responsible for writing the curriculum and teaching the Art program for the students. We focused on many types of projects using all types of mediums and materials.

Michelle was also a member of East Colony Gallery where her mixed media pieces were displayed. Mixed media is still her favorite medium to work with. She found this was a great way to use many different materials and techniques. She also loves the creative and imaginative process of creating pieces with found objects.

Art is about using what you have on hand combined with your imagination and skill to fuel the creative process. There are no limits to what you can do.