Judi Wing has been involved with visual art for most of her lifetime, making art education an easy career choice.  She has been on the faculty of several New Hampshire school systems; most recently for the Wilton-Lyndeborough schools.

As an undergraduate at Northern Illinois University, she discovered that therapeutic value of creating artwork. This led her to Wright State University for her Masters degree in art therapy. After several years in the field, Judi returned to the public classroom. Judi has also created and run summer at camps for children of all ages.  She was also employed by Art Happens, teaching people of all ages the joy of painting.

Being a painter at heart, and the sole art educator for the school system where she worked, led Judi to expand her art skills. Today, she works in many diversified mediums, including paint, pencil. clay, basketry and sculpture.

“Art is fun; it can energize and inspire play.  Art can also be healing; relaxing to the body and mind. Many people in my classes have found their niche in the world through their art. Once the process has been learned, the “sky’s the limit!”