Introducing Gwendolyn Tiller, whose passion is creating and teaching art. As a retired, public school, art teacher for the state of NH, Gwen has time to do more artistic workshops. She enjoys teaching art to children of all ages.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Gwen was a freelance graphic designer working in the commercial art field. She designed logos for several businesses in the Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA. She also worked on advertising layouts for magazines and newspapers.

Gwen is a graduate of Butera School of Art in Boston, MA, where she learned everything from design and illustration to the production of printing and advertising.

She later graduated from Granite State College, NH, and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral studies, with the focus on art as therapy.

In 2008, Gwen graduated from Lesley University, obtaining a Master’s in Education through the Arts. She enriched her teaching skills and applied lessons to re-enforce the standards and core curriculum.