Zentangle Art: Tree of Life Zoom Workshop with Lynda Abbot CZT


Date: Saturday, July 17

Time: 10-12noon

Ages: teen to adult – beginner to advanced tanglers


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The “Tree of Life” is a symbol found in many cultures, religions, folklore and mythology that represents various “living things” and their connection between the living and spiritual worlds. This class will guide you to creating your very own personalized “Tree of Life” using varied patterns integrated into a tree form, adding some names, quotes or meaningful words, perhaps a little color – or not- to reflect and represent your life, your family or a special someone. The Zentangle method can decrease your stress and anxiety while letting your creative side grow. Materials required are a pen, pencil, a blending tool, and a 5×7 inch or larger paper (card stock, watercolor paper, or mixed media paper). See the materials list below for details.
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-scrap paper to practice or take notes
-pen: Micron 01 or your own favorite pen
-pencil: Zentangle graphite or your favorite pencil
-paper: 5 x 7inch piece of cardstock, mixed media, watercolor, or similar paper.
-tortillon or similar tool to blend or “smudge” the pencil. A tightly woven Qtip will work well.
-if you wish to add color, you may choose color pencils, fine-tip color markers, watercolor pencils – or anything you have on hand.
All official Zentangle materials can be purchased directly from their website on Amazon via Zentangle Books and Creations, or even your local art/hobby store.
We believe that life is an art form and that each person is an artist. The Zentangle Method is an elegant metaphor and model for inspiring a deliberate artistry life.” Rick and Maria, founders of the Zentangle Method


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