Zentangle Art: Gem Tangles with Lynda Abbot CZT


Date: Saturday, April 24

Time: 10-12noon

Ages: teen to adult


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Gems are simpler than you think! Learn how to create beautiful gems surrounded by multiple patterns to create a stunning piece of art. The Zentangle method can decrease your stress and anxiety while letting your creative side grow. Materials required are a pen, pencil, colored pencils, a blending tool, and a 5×7 inch paper (card stock, watercolor paper, or mixed media paper). See the materials list below for details.

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-scrap paper to practice or take notes

-pen: Micron 01 or your own favorite pen

-pencil: Zentangle graphite or your favorite pencil

-paper: 5 x 7inch or larger piece of cardstock, mixed media, or watercolor paper.

-tortillon or similar tool to blend or “smudge” the pencil. A tightly woven Qtip will work well.

  • -Color pencils, any brand will do. a better quality brand will produce better results but even your children’s color pencils will work. Be sure you have a blending pencil or white color pencil to blend the colors to a professional-looking finish.

All official Zentangle materials can be purchased directly from their website on Amazon via Zentangle Books and Creations, or even your local art/hobby store.

We believe that life is an art form and that each person is an artist. The Zentangle Method is an elegant metaphor and model for inspiring a deliberate artistry life.” Rick and Maria, founders of the Zentangle Method


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