“White Birch with Maple Leaves” by Elaine Farmer


Title:  White Birch with Maple Leaves

Image size: 10 x 8

Outside size: 10 x 8

Medium: Needle felt wool and fibers


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As a traditional landscape oil painter for over 50 years, Elaine has discovered needle felting as a new medium, offering her a way to capture the multitudes of textures found in nature. Her designs are original works, and many are inspired and replicated by her oil paintings.

Needle felting was created in the early 1980s to emulate wet felting which dates to 6300 BC. Needle felting is a process of matting down wool or other animal fibers using specially designed sharp barbed needles. She started each piece with a felt or fabric base; then using loose wool fibers, she pierced the needles over the wool and through the base fabric creating the initial image.  Other materials such as knotted fibers and yarns were added to create the additional texture desired.  The three-dimensional effect of the trees was created using birch twigs, wrapped in yarn.

Elaine Farmer


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