Instructor: Judi Wing

Dates: Saturday, TBA

Times: 12-2pm

Cost: $22


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This workshop is specifically made for students who are planning on, or have applied to a college to major in art.  Upon acceptance to the college, most schools require an entrance portfolio to be accepted into their art program. Judi Wing is a former High School art teacher and has successfully helped many of her students get into art colleges. We will start with individual review of previously completed artwork for possible inclusion in the portfolio. Gaps in the requirements will be discussed and then suggestions become the projects each student will create for a more completed portfolio. Students should bring artwork (completed or in process) to this workshop. High School artwork only please. Colleges that are in consideration and art major possibilities for each person would be helpful, though not required. Please bring a sketchbook to take notes and favorite drawing pencils to each class. This is a single session but will be ongoing once a month as most portfolios take time to create. This is a great way to relax and find the time to create that much needed portfolio.  Call the gallery 672-2500 with questions.


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