Perspective Drawing Workshop with Mike Brazao


Instructor: Mike Brazao

Dates: September 11 + 18

Time: 1-4pm

Ages: 16+

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In this Perspective Workshop we will focus on the fundamentals of perspective drawing. First, we’ll start by learning some of the basic concepts and techniques that work together to create a sense of depth in an image.¬† From there we’ll discuss foreshortening and why objects look different when we look at them from different viewing¬† angles. You will then learn about some of the basic tools used to construct a scene in linear perspective. Then we’ll break down 3 different types of linear perspective and how to work with each. Finally, we’ll discuss how to draw ellipses and cylinders in perspective. Using these techniques, you’ll have a better understanding of how perspective works and be equipped with everything you need to create the illusion of depth in your drawings and paintings.


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