Painting in a Series with Chris Volpe


Instructor: Chris Volpe of

Dates: Saturdays, October 12-26

Times: 3-6pm

Cost: $99

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Discover how working in a series can clarify your artistic voice and deepen your creative practice. Home in on a personally meaningful theme during class and move quickly into developing exciting visual ideas and new directions. Starting with an initial artwork or image, you will create several compositions combining principles of design with intuition and experimentation. Any medium is acceptable, be it painting, drawing, textile art, quilting, even music. You’ll learn written and creative exercises designed to bypass self-doubt and spark new possibilities. Note that technique will not be taught; key principles of design and composition will be shared, but this is primarily about finding yourself as a creative individual and turning that into art that “works” for you and for an audience. Level: advanced-beginner to advanced.

Materials & Equipment List
  1. All media are welcome because the goal is to develop new directions for a personal creative practice regardless of medium. Students should bring the necessary supplies for working in the medium of their choice, as any and all mediums will work for this class, and students are invited to work in whatever medium(s) they most enjoy. Technique is not a primary focus of this class, however the instructor will be using oil paints, and will be providing demonstrations in oils. The instructor’s materials are as follows: Colors: alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, viridian, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, titanium white. Medium: none. Tools: palette knife, hardware store (“chip”) brushes, wooden mixing palette, odorless mineral spirits, paper towels. Supports: square canvas panels.
IMPORTANT: Wear old clothes or bring a smock or an apron! You WILL get messy if you paint like I do!


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