“Just a Glimpse” by Stacy-Ann Topjian Searle


Title: Just a Glimpse

Image size: 7 x 10

Outside size: 11 x 14

Medium: pen and ink


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My artwork is an exploration of natural and rural settings. It is here that I feel most at peace and am prompted to do some deep introspective work.

I work in a realist style, which allows me to capture the subtle details found in nature. I work exclusively in black and white because for me color is a distraction.

Every artwork begins by viscerally connecting with my subject matter before I ever put pencil to paper. I imagine I can hear the babbling of the brook and the wind through the trees, smell the dew on blades of grass, and feel the sunlight kissing the leaves.

I choose to work with ink on paper because it reminds me of the black and white etchings found in the illustrated classics I loved as a child.

Stacy-Ann Topjian Searle


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