HURRY UP AND PAINT! with Steve Previte


Instructor: Steve Previte


Date: Friday, TA

Time: 9am-4pm

Cost: $85

Ages: adult

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The Purpose of this workshop is to completely remove you from  your normal comfort zone and methods of  painting. It is designed to force you into growth as an artist in thinking and approach, use of  color, brushwork and paint application, ability to make a quick statement, to dominate your painting and not vise versa, to have more fun and satisfaction with the painting process. You will work on 5 or 6 paintings with a time limit of 1/2 hour each. Each painting will be based on a different exercise that you will be informed of just before you begin. You will  be feeling both exhilaration and frustration. Expect to do great things and maybe even some finished paintings. I will be speaking, demoing and then you will be painting, both before and after lunch. You will be painting like maniacs and we will laugh and have fun. I will offer critique at the end of the day.

In order for us to learn the basics of art and then grow as artists we need to have a good working knowledge of our equipment. In addition to that, and really more important, is  that we must always be pushing ourselves to grow through experimentation  We have to try to find what brings us pleasure in the artistic process in order to feed our motivation to paint. This workshop will help you find that pleasure as well  as a new feeling of satisfaction.

What to bring?

-6 toned supports of your choice such as panels, canvas and/or primed paper in  small sizes such as 5×7, no larger than 9×12.

-Please tone 5 supports in  very pale, hardly noticeable, yellow ochre wash, (no white mixed in), and one with dark mix (value 7 or 8) of ultramarine blue mixed with a touch of Cadmium Orange to dull it down. Watercolorists should bring 6 lightly toned supports.

-A small box to stand your paintings in to travel home.

-Simple references to paint from. If you need any, I will  send some pictures of paintings to paint from  in a separate email for  you to consider. You just wont be able to sell them.

-Normal painting gear – paints, palette, brushes, knives, etc.

-Your lunch. (from 12-1pm)

Your enthusiasm and sense of humor!



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