Harmonious Color Schemes Workshop


Instructor: Elaine Farmer

Date: Friday, September 21


Cost: $75

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Harmonious Color Schemes focuses on using PURE pigments and applying a SIMPLE method using the Color Wheel, a tool readily available to artists.  You will sort your tubes colors based on the Color Wheel and learn the importance of knowing what ingredients are in your tubes.

You will create color charts on a card stock handout, using your own paint colors and completing them at home.  Then using a photo reference, you will choose a color scheme based on the dominant color and paint a small 5×7 study. then, using a new color scheme, paint the same picture as the first with the new color scheme of colors.

Color mixing for the artist is one of the most daunting aspects of painting.  There is no secret formula. Upon completion of this workshop, you will have gained a clearer understanding of how the bias of a color affects the outcome of your mixed color. You will get on track and gain the confidence to mix any color you need, using fewer colors with brighter results.

Short demonstrations will be given throughout the workshop along with lots of individual attention, encouragement and gentle critiquing. Suitable for all levels and mediums.


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