Instructor: Kate Schminke from Prayers of Nature

Date: Saturday, April 6

Time: 2-3pm

Cost: $25 (includes all materials)


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Prayers of Nature studio invites you to crate an army of beadles or swarm of spiders! Use them for a fairy garden or use as a flower pot decor! Using wire and simple crafts beads and tools you can learn how to create these crafty creatures yourself!! In one hour!

2 workshops are being offered on the same day. Please choose what time slot works best for you.

Although this workshop is “kid friendly” please read the cautions below:

Caution: Tools and wire can be sharp and pointy. Students do risk pricking and cutting fingers on the wire. Clip away from your face and other bystanders. Please wear protective eye gear that will be provided if you feel it is necessary.


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