Contemporary Landscape Painting Class


Instructor: Chris Volpe of

Date: Mondays, March 11-25

Times: 6-8pm

Cost: $60

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In this introductory to intermediate oil painting class, we will go beyond imitation of nature to explore the expressive use of design and color applied with poetry and feeling in the creation of contemporary landscapes.  Instruction in composition, values in black and white, color mixing, and paint application will be provide the foundation for rendering natural and urban scenes with imagination and emotion. Taking painting as a practice of interiority, we will seek to express not what the world looks like but how it feels to look at and live in it.  Beginners welcome!! The class will be taught through a combination of Keynote slide shows, hands-on learning, and one-on-one instruction.

Materials & Equipment List
Supports (canvas)
Bring at least one ideally two small to medium (e.g. 8×10 -12×16) canvases, primed wood panels, or canvas panels. Cheap stretched canvas or canvas panels from Michaels or AC Moore will do fine. (FYI I don’t stain my canvases – I paint right onto the white surface as it comes.)
Brushes & Knives
Palette Knife: I often use a combination of brush and palette knife in my work. You need a metal palette knife for mixing paint regardless. I use a chip brush (see below) for “scrubbing in” initial layers and my brushes and painting knife for the rest of the painting. I use a painting knife with a long straight blade
and a square edge. It’s key to painting in my style if that’s your interest. sells one for $8, product code:03103-1081, blue comfort grip painting knife style 81. Otherwise any shape will do.
“Chip” Brushes: hardware store brushes keep you from getting too “fussy” You need one small to medium size chip brush. Painting Brushes: Big. If oils, the main thing here is that your
brushes are stiff ones, not too soft and not all small. For acrylics, watercolors etc – whatever. It’s good to have several kinds of tip, a rounded “filbert” style and a straight-edge “flat” style brush.
Palette: wood, for mixing oil colors.
Rub olive oil or other vegetable oil into it before you first use it.
•Titanium White (preferably large tube)
•Permanent Alizarin Crimson (i.e. red)
•Cadmium Yellow Light or Pale (for occasional use SPARINGLY!) – NOT “HUE” – spring for the higher prices led on this one.
•Ultramarine Blue (French Ultramarine Blue is the same thing)
•Burnt Umber
•Yellow Ochre
Clean-Up Solvent (for oils only)
•Cleaning Solvent
: For oils, I use Mona Lisa Odorless Mineral Spirits (aka paint thinner) in the studio available in quantity at Michaels (grab the 40% or 50% off coupon online and buy the large quantity to decant into a jar). If you want a completely solvent-free system, try plant-based oils (walnut oil, linseed or cooking-grade safflower oil) for cleaning brushes.
Paper Towels/Rags (I strongly recommend the blue “shop towels,” the hardware store version of paper towels. They’re more absorbent, more durable, and often cheaper too).
If you use one bring it. If not, don’t.
IMPORTANT: Wear old clothes or bring a smock or an apron! You WILL get messy if you paint like I do!


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