“Chocorua Lake” by Karen Fortier


Title: Chocorua Lake

Image size: 12 x 9

Medium: watercolor


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As a painter, I try not to control the paints but instead let them flow and tell the story. Sometimes the story is more realistic and other times it gets very abstract. My goal is always to express more of the feeling of a place than to render it exactly. Landscapes are my passion.

Growing up in western Maine I have a deep love of the mountains and ponds that surround that area. The coast of Maine also has a piece of my heart and is showing up in my recent paintings likely as I missed my annual visit this year. Currently, I live in Keene, New Hampshire with my husband who is originally from the northern part of this state. Mountains are a recurring theme in my life.

I am happiest when lost in the process of telling a story with paint and will add other compatible mediums to my paintings if they will help me achieve the feeling of a particular place.  That is why I found a way to show my watercolor without the need of glass, to better tell my story to the viewer. The viewer can enjoy my paintings as they can acrylics or oils without the glare of glass obstructing their view.

I continue to learn, experiment and push the boundaries.  When watercolor does its dance on a quality piece of watercolor paper, I still get that wonderful feeling of excitement of possibilities. It is an honor for me to share my art with you.

All of my paintings are watercolors that have been mounted to cradled wood panels and two thin coats of Dorland’s wax medium (beeswax with resin) have been applied to the surface to seal the paintings. This allows them to be hung without frames or glass.

Karen Fortier


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