“Blurred Lines II” by Lyn Falcone at Mosaic Fiber Arts


Title: Blurred Lines II

Image size: 5 x 5

Outside size: 6 x 6

Medium: wool on wood frame


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Nuno felting is the formation of cloth, created by manually and naturally combining wool and other natural fibers with silk through the use of nothing more than water, soap and pressure. This method defines the finished work and creates a unique product that is neither stitched, glued, nor needle-felted.

My process begins with hand-dyeing silk fabric using a number of different methods including shibori.  Each piece of silk is unique in pattern and coloration. The individual silk piece informs the flow and direction of the finished piece.  A wide variety of natural fibers such as merino wool, alpaca, mohair, wool locks, silk mawata and bombyx are used to create unique works.  Color and texture take the forefront and vie for attention.  While I am influenced by the work of the Impressionists and Modernists, I also draw inspiration from motifs in nature and everyday life.

My work encourages a tactile investigation for people.  It is gratifying to see their reactions, which generally convey a sense of wonder.  I hope to spark interest and sustained appreciation for artisan work in our increasingly manufactured world.

Lyn Falcone



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