“All You Can Eat Buffet: Cedar Waxwings” by Howard Muscott


Medium: Photography on Metal

Size: 8 x 12 inches

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Wildlife Photography can be full of surprises like when I was photographing nestling Ospreys in an urban nest when a flock of cedar waxwings flew in to completely devour the fruit from a line of crabapple trees. It was amazing to see these birds up close as they went through the All You Can Eat Buffet Fortunately, the Ospreys were still around once the waxwings left.

Howard Muscott has photographed nature, landscapes, and wildlife for more than 35 years. Grounded in his early years of hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing, Howard’s love for nature photography is fueled by the exquisite beauty of the natural world and the wildlife residing within its various ecosystems. “The ideal photograph tells a story that speaks directly to the heart and moves people to self-reflection. It combines one’s vision for the image with the best natural, ideally golden light, and requires both persistence and opportunity.”

Howard Muscott


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