Vaso Partinoudi is an encaustic painter from Greece who lives and works in Durham and Milford. Encaustic is an ancient Greek painting technique. The word encaustic means “to heat or burn” and is otherwise known as hot wax painting. Primarily self-taught, she has developed a style of her own that is ever-changing. She mixes beeswax, natural resin, pigments, and oil colors to create her palette. She paints on wooden surfaces by building layer upon layer of hot encaustic medium, fuses it with a propane torch, scrapes away, and starts all over again. She uses opaque and translucent layers, scrapes, and fuses until a painting emerges. She incorporates photographs, found natural materials and fabric in her lustrous and vibrantly colored paintings. She loves the challenge of working with a molten, fluid, and slightly uncontrollable medium that has a mind of its own.

She loves to cook and travel with her husband and son.