As a New Hampshire native, I create images with watercolor, oil, and mixed media. The environment is my inspiration and I depict elements with a hint of fun and fantasy. Most of my work is done in the studio; however I often start a painting or sketch on location. With the aid of a camera, I take many reference shots from different  angles.

Having spent many years camping  with my family, I have always thought New England was one of the most beautiful places.  Within its six states we have the ocean, mountains, lakes, farms and woodlands. I enjoy nature, hiking, and gardening. For any years I worked with children  at Peabody Mill Environmental Center. The time I spent there I was teaching then to respect the environment and to create beautiful art from natural materials.

My style is realistic and often includes flowers, organic produce, and animals. I do not limit my work to a specific subject or medium, I enjoy the challenge; often I will do one subject in two or three mediums. The results can be quite different. Artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Edward Hopper have influenced my work, I like the way they depicted their subjects from different points of view.

Art is a passion, it is part of my daily routine whether I am physically painting or just thinking about the next project.