Gail Bloom is an accomplished community organizer, painter, writer, and arts coordinator. Recently retired as Director of the Rollstone Studios for the Fitchburg Cultural Alliance she is actively involved in ALFA at FSU, Seven Bridges Writers Collaborative in Lancaster, the Planning Committee for First Parish Church, Lancaster, and is the past President of the Central Mass Woman’s Caucus for Art.

Gail’s paintings are primarily inspired by the art of the New England impressionists, their subjects and palettes. She never tires of rendering the landscapes and people of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Many of her works are in private collections and banks.

She has received several commissions for her portrait work and is proud of her artistic efforts on behalf of Sholan Farms, the City of Fitchburg as Millennium Community Artist, Freedom’s Way National Heritage Park Association, creation and publication of the The Longsjo Coloring Book and most recently putting voice and internet access to her 18 foot Fitchburg Millennium Murals hung in all of Fitchburg’s schools.